Ready For A Better, More Empowering Birth?

a comprehensive labor & delivery course

There's no getting around it. Society paints childbirth as #scary. But what if there was a different way?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first rodeo or your fifth. Bringing a child into the world also brings about a plethora of worries, fears and internet opinions.

If you have...

...then you've come to the right place.


The Push Lab


No dated push techniques here.

This course is designed to teach you how to prepare your pelvic floor muscles and prepare your body to do what it was built to do: BIRTH A BABY

Mamas like you have #notime for postpartum leaks, aches or pains. By utilizing your body’s natural systems to ease the intensity of labor, you’ll empower yourself to birth your baby safely and with confidence.

What mamas like you are saying...


Instead of dreading labor, a part of me is now excited to get to try these techniques and see how they work for me!

I truly enjoyed taking your Push Lab course! It gave me a sense of comfort and confidence and helped prepare me for labor. Society often trains us to view labor and delivery as this extremely painful, almost impossible, Herculean task that we have to go through, but you helped put things into perspective and helped me understand that my body is fully capable of this ‘task.



Does this sound like you?

A new mom who is tired of hearing horror stories about first-time births?
A mom who experienced birth trauma before and wants to do everything in her power to avoid it happening again?
A mom who wants to take her power back in the delivery room?
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Whether you want a VBAC, are interested in an unmedicated birth or open to an epidural, The Push Lab can help prepare you and your body for the #bestbirthever.

There’s A Part Of You That Knows Your Body Was Built To Birth This Baby.

But there is another part of you wondering why so many women require episiotomies, sustain major pelvic floor trauma, and are left with aches, pain, and dysfunction postpartum.

As mamas, we spend hours upon hours curating the perfect Pinterest nursery, packing a hospital bag Marie Kondo would be proud of, and baking lactation cookies to feed your entire prenatal yoga tribe.


Imagine if you could...

Shift your mindset to decrease pain and increase relaxation during labor (and kick childbirth fear to the curb).

Understand how to push safely using your breath and muscles to minimize pressure on your perineum and reduce the risk of perineal tearing.

Tap in spiritually so you can lean on something higher for support other than yourself or your birth partner.

Enter the delivery room with confidence knowing that you’re capable and ready to do this!

Take the first step today to decrease your chances of birth trauma and increase your shot at a blissful birth.

The Push Lab Is Your Ultimate Childbirth Prep Toolbox

Mamas receive A LOT of unwarranted advice. But what you’ll learn in The Push Lab is built on science, evidence-based research that is NOTHING like what you’ll hear from your mama, your grandma, or your OBGYN.

In addition to being a Physical Therapist who teaches moms how to prepare their body for birth, I’m also a mom of two. And I realized during my OWN labor and delivery class that no one was teaching ACTUAL pushing techniques!

Fast forward three months later and I delivered my baby using the techniques I had taught countless pregnant patients before me.

After the birth, my RN said:

“I’ve never seen anyone push that way. How do I teach my patients to push like that?”

She literally pulled out a pen and paper to take notes.


The pushing techniques most women are taught are incorrect.

Advice like “push like you’re having a bowel movement” or “just hold your breath and push” can actually increase our chances of major pelvic floor trauma and cause all of that pain and leaking postpartum. 

Guess what? 


Moms deserve a better way to push. 

Learn how to push like a boss from the comfort of your own home with The Push Lab.

No driving to a hospital at the end of the day for a delivery class. Change into your coziest PJs and go through this completely virtual course at your own pace.

all the tools you'll need to have an empowering birth for labor?

What's Inside The Push Lab?

Module 1

rewrite your birth plan

Whether you’ve been working off a Pinterest template or staring at a blank Google doc completely overwhelmed, this module will help you get crystal clear on what you want and need from your labor experience.

  • Understand the difference between a birth plan and a birth philosophy.
  • Pinpoint which pain perspective you align with.
  • Educate yourself on the pain management options available for both medicated and unmedicated births. 
  • Write a thorough birth philosophy that aligns with your core values and interests. 
  • Account for uncontrolled variables so you’re not left disappointed if things don’t go according to plan. 
  • Learn how to approach your OB-GYN or Midwife to discuss your interests so you can build an honest and communicative relationship.
  • Ask your OB-GYN or Midwife the right questions to discover if their values align with yours.

Module 2

Shift Your Mindset & Spiritually Reconnect

The major difference between mamas who have blissful births and mamas who go through hell is their mindset. This module will show you how to prepare yourself emotionally and rely on spiritual support during this journey.

  • Reconnect to your intuition and learn to decipher what your body is telling you in any given moment. 
  • Build up your mental armor during pregnancy and develop unshakable confidence in the delivery room. 
  • Become a Habit Master during pregnancy and get ready for your new role as mama.
  • Discover the connection between birth and spirituality and how to tap into something bigger than yourself for support (no matter what you believe in). 
  • Nurture the relationships closest to you before giving birth to create a strong support system for after your baby is born.

Module 3

Understand Your Body

Knowledge is power and the more you can get in-tune with your body, the better your birthing experience will be. This module will  help you become the expert on your body so you can take charge of your birth.

  • Get a clear understanding of your own anatomy and physiology and what you’re asking our body to do during labor and delivery.
  • Know the physiological changes your body goes through to prepare for labor.
  • Dispel the myth of Kegels (which can actually slow down your birth) and start preparing for pushing in a more effective way. 
  • Learn how your nervous system can either support or delay your labor and what YOU can do about it.

Module 4

Push Safely & Confidently

Most pushing techniques are outdated and ineffective. In this module, you’ll discover a new way to push that’s better for the baby—and your body.

  • Know what to expect during each stage of labor and what YOU can do during each stage to prepare for the next one.
  • Discover how to properly time your contractions (so you know exactly when to go to the hospital or call your OB-GYN/Midwife). 
  • Decrease pain and increase confidence in the birth room by rocking each contraction. 
  • Practice techniques for putting the least amount of stress on your perineum (thus setting yourself up for a less likely chance of sustaining tearing or need of episiotomy or forceps during delivery). 
  • Become a birth boss by learning how to use your breath and your core to protect your vagina during pushing.

Module 5

Get Your Birth Partner Up To Speed

There’s no need to take this journey alone, mama. My husband and fellow physical therapist, Dr. James, will join me in this module to help you get all the tools and education your birth partner needs to support you every step of the way.

  • Help your birth partner understand their role during each phase of labor (and what they can do to help you mentally and spiritually).
  • Teach them hands-on techniques to decrease your labor pains as well as labor positions that will protect your body. 
  • Give them step-by-step instructions for assisting during the push phase so they don’t injure you (yes, this has happened and it’s awful). 
  • Get on the same page so you know when it’s time for your birth partner to step in and stand up for you if needed!

Bonus Module: 12 Guided Stretch & Exercise Videos


Just like athletes prep their bodies for a big event, mamas need to physically prepare themselves to push. And The Push Lab’s Complete Exercises Library will help you do just that.

Strengthen the muscles that matter so you can be your strongest self during labor with tools such as:

  • A relaxing guided meditation to prepare your pelvic floor for pushing 
  • 2 Built for Birth Exercise Circuits
  • 2 Deep Core Circuits to protect your diastasis rectus and prepare the core to assist in pushing
  • 5 Post-Module Stretching Circuits
  • 3 Stretching Circuits to prepare hips, pelvis, low back, and your diaphragm for childbirth 

Bonuses To Make Your Birth Even Better

In addition to all the training and tools you’ll receive in The Push Lab, you’ll also get:
  • The Ultimate Perineal Massage Video
  • The Returning to Intercourse Postpartum Guide
  • The Vaginal Birth Postpartum Healing Guide
  • The Cesarean Birth Postpartum Healing Guide
  • The Constipation Management Guide
  • Exclusive Access To The Private Push Lab Facebook Group to Connect with Mamas going through the course with you (and yours truly)
  • Q&As with me (and my husband, Dr. James, who occasionally makes a surprise appearance)

Let’s Bring The Bliss Back To Birth, Shall We?

Giving birth is a magical experience —and you deserve to be present and prepared for all of it.

When you enroll in The Push Lab Today, You’ll Receive:

That’s a total value of $2,275

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this course because I believe every mama on this planet deserves to have a blissful birthing experience.

That’s why I’m offering The Push Lab (AND all of those juicy bonuses) at discounted price ($100 OFF) for a LIMITED time… 

the push lab



the push lab




Real Experiences From Real Mamas.

Meet the doctor on the internet who cares about your birthing experience (and your vagina).

Hi! I’m Dr. Betsey

…Physical Therapist, Educator, Advocate of all things pelvic-health related, Mama, and Coach bringing you the tough love and the 80’s music dance parties.

After hearing countless mamas in my treatment room ask, “why didn’t anyone tell me about my pelvic floor sooner,” I made it my mission to teach every mama how to birth safely and confidently.

I was tired of hearing complaints about labor and delivery classes not preparing mamas for birth.

So I decided to create a comprehensive course teaching mamas everything I wish my patients had known about before they delivered their baby.

Will I see you in lab, mama?

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers

Each module will take 1-2 hours to go through depending on how much time you take filling out worksheets and practicing the techniques. Some modules are more content heavy and others are more exercise-based or hands-on!

You get access to the course for the lifetime of the course. Meaning, once you buy it, it’s yours to support you through EACH pregnancy and beyond!

The course is pre-recorded on Podia. Each course includes pre-recorded videos, worksheets, and a comment section to engage with other moms and ask questions! You can access each module as many times as you need!

YES mama! This course is for any mom looking to understand how to push safely, use her mind-body connection for relaxation and pain management techniques, and how to tap in spiritually. We do not want to simply rely on a doula or birth partner for support. We want to be our strongest, best selves in the birth room and you deserve to invest the time and effort into that process!

Yes! Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? You will get access to videos, have the option to download the audio files of the videos so you can listen on the go, and will have worksheets to download and print to go along with each module and lab.

The main differences are these:

  1. Hypnobirthing teaches that birth can readily be pain free through hypnosis. This happens, but very rarely. I take an approach that birth WILL be uncomfortable but with a strong mindset, pain management techniques (from yourself and birth partner), you can conquer that pain. Many moms feel like they fail hypnobirthing as soon as they experience pain and then are discouraged throughout their entire labor. I don’t like that at all!!

  2. Hypnobirthing does not cover pushing and breathing techniques as extensively as I do. Many moms say they like the relaxing music but didn’t learn the fundamentals that I teach.

  3. Hypnobirthing soundtracks are an excellent tool in your “birth toolkit” but it is not a holistic approach to birth.

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