Is pain down there normal?

Despite the diagnosis your physician may have given you, I am here to tell you that pain down there is NOT normal. Yes, there are a plethora of diagnoses relating to pelvic pain. Many of them are directly related to the pelvic region such as vulvodynia, vaginismus, endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic pain syndrome and interstitial cystitis. […]

Why your bladder (still) hates pumpkin spice lattes

As Autumn approaches, I long for my favorite season: A warm bulky sweater, crisp, cool air and of course, a Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). This was my favorite time of year until I moved to Los Angeles, said goodbye to changing seasons, and learned a thing or two about bladder health. Starbucks is currently advertising […]

What to expect at a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation

If you’re experiencing pelvic pain, relentless hip issues, bowel or bladder dysfunction or coccyx pain, a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation could be your next step towards finding a solution. These evaluations help not only assess the pelvic floor, but they also look at whole posture and movement as well. A pelvic floor physical therapy […]

Are you drowning your bladder with fluid overload?

Of all the advice I give patients, the subject of fluid intake is the one that I receive the most push back on. Many patients come to me with symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency or incontinence but do not want to accept the fact that their fluid intake may be part of the culprit. […]

Three simple exercises to ease constipation

In my last blog post, I explained how tight pelvic floor muscles can cause or worsen constipation. You can read more about that here. Generally, physicians diagnose constipation when a person has less than three bowel movements per week. However, if you are not having a bowel movement daily or your poop looks like pebbles, […]