Coleen C.

An Empowered Cesarean Birth

How Did Your Labor Start?

My water broke in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, labor did not progress on its own from there so I ended up with pitocin once admitted from the hospital. From there my labor progressed quickly.

What was the Most Challenging aspect of your childbirth and How did you Overcome it?

The most challenging part of my childbirth was accepting the decision to move to a c-birth instead of vaginal. My son ended up being sunny side up and there were concerns that he might have a cord wrap so although I was pushing efficiently (thanks to the Push Lab!) my husband and I made the decision to move forward with a c-birth after 4.5 hours of pushing. We went into labor with the mantra that everything was for the health and safety of baby and mom so I knew this was an option. After 4.5 hours of pushing though I was feeling discouraged and defeated with making the swith to a c-birth. Luckily I had my mom and husband to support me in this and help me see that this was the best outcome for both of us especially since I had developed an infection. Having that mindset and being able to talk through it with my family helped me feel ready by the time we got to the OR.

How did the Push Lab help you prepare for an empowered birth?

The Push Lab helped me and my husband have informed conversations on what we wanted to prioritize during labor and come to terms before labor that a c-birth might be a possibility. This way when we had to make that decision we were not complete blindsided. The Push Lab also helped me feel empowered while I was pushing. I knew about the different positions I could try to push in and I was able to advocate for those that felt most effective and comfortable with an epidural. Even after 4.5 hours of pushing I felt, if it had been safe, I could have continued. I was not completely exhausted.

What surprised you about your birth?

That contractions felt like period cramps! I know it may seem silly but everyone kept saying you will know when you feel them but for me at the beginning they just felt like very mild cramping and I had not heard anyone describe them that way before so I was not actually sure if I was having them at first. I also never could feel my Braxton Hicks even when the doctor pointed them out at my last appointment so maybe I am just weird.

How did it feel to meet your baby for the first time?

It was otherworldly. I do not think at first I could comprehend that suddenly he was real and that I was no longer pregnant. I also felt unbelievably happy to have him there but it was very surreal at first.

What advice can you give to moms looking to prepare for an empowered birth?

C-birth is birth and you should never feel lesser than for going through it if that is the safest option for you and your baby.