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I  see you,

Pregnant Mama

Your birth class was cancelled. Pre-natal yoga class was cancelled.

On a scale of 1 to my birth class was cancelled…how chill did you feel when #coronavirus and #quarantinepregnancy started trending on the internet?

Now, you have 25 open tabs on the internet that you promise to read before the baby comes.

You love being pregnant (or maybe you hate it)

…but what you’d really love is if you had a coach to help you train for your delivery. You would love if that nagging pelvic floor ache, pain, leaking, or dysfunction would go away. You would love to feel reconnected with your core and pelvic floor and are beginning to wonder if you will ever feel like yourself again once this baby arrives.

You’ve been doing PRENATAL YOGA AT HOME BUT YOUR SYMPTOMS still persist. Good news: I help pRegnant mamas do more than just SAY OHM.

Read on for how we can work together…


The Push Lab

Expecting a new baby? Are you a first time mom? Or maybe you are seasoned mom looking to birth a different way. You want to push safely and birth confidently without fear and confusion as part of your birth story. Click below to learn allll the deets about the evidence based birth class that’s taking over the internet!

No outdated childbirth advice here!

hi there!

I'm Betsey

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, educator, and advocate of all things pelvic-health related, Dr. Betsey is taking on the problems of women’s health today and refusing to quit until every mama has access to the tools she needs to avoid pelvic floor dysfunction, pain, or weakness in the future.

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