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From clients that make me love what I do

Nice to meet with a specialist who understands how to evaluate and treat a female condition that we don’t often talk about but that can interfere with our daily lives.
I am grateful that I found Betsey to help heal my pelvic floor following 3 different birth experiences. I didn’t understand why I was experiencing symptoms and was feeling embarrassed and frustrated. Betsey is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Thanks to her, I am on the path to recovery, I am so very thankful!
Betsey is a caring and knowledgeable PT. She gave me accurate information, proper care, and confidence on my journey to heal diastasis rectus postpartum. She balances her comprehensive expertise with really listening to what you need.
I have had postural issues and back pain for over 15 years and Betsey is the first PT who really understands how to help me. I got pain relief immediately. She is also really good at educating patients on musculature and function.

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